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iFactor 2012: your backstage pass for the best of the best.

CNIB's summer concert in support of people living with vision loss

About iFactor 2012

For the past three years, iFactor – a nationwide singing competition for Canadians living with vision loss – has enchanted judges and audiences with an incredible display of talent. This year, the fourth annual iFactor will celebrate the “best of the best” and we invite you to support the show of the summer.

Get ready to be enlightened by the musical talent showcased by Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. Engage with CNIB at our treasured Lake Joseph facility in the heart of beautiful Muskoka, Ontario. Be inspired by the spirit of iFactor – an event about overcoming obstacles, pursuing dreams and reaching for the stars.

Reserve your ‘backstage pass’ today for the best of the best talent showcase featuring memorable music and mouthwatering food – custom fit for a Muskoka cottage experience.

Watch performances from past winners and competitors:

Guest appearance by Canada Sings winners, Dumas “Rocks” Miners

And other surprises!

Dress code:

“Muskoka casual”… and bring your dancing shoes!


Green Room table - $2,000 table of 8

  • VIP reception
  • Preferred seating
  • Performer will join as special table guest

Regular seating - $150 per person


Food stations - hors d'oeuvres and refreshments

Here Are The Spices You Will Need To Prepare A Calgary Sausage

Sausage preparation can never be complete without spices. That’s why any major sausage supplies outlets have the spices needed to prepare good sausages. The spices include herbs and just about anything that is added to the ground meat, to give it flavour and distinctive tastes. Sausage spices of Calgary are what makes one sausage recipe different from the other. For example, Chorizo and polish sausage are pretty much similar until you add the spices. Always make sure that your batch of spices supply is fresh. That’s why you should avoid buying from the supermarket.


Make sure you use salt that has no additives. Lots of table salts tend to have iodine and other chemicals added to it to make it free flowing. Choose the salts based on their different grain sizes. For example, a cup of kosher salt weighs less than a cup of sea salt. Sea salts cost more, yet the flavour and taste disappear into the food so it makes no difference. Kosher salt doesn’t dissolve quickly due to its large grains. The best salts for sausage making is pickling salt.


Pepper makes for one of the critical seasonings in sausage making. The natural white or black ground pepper for sausage seasoning is usually the best. There are two essential issues to consider when choosing pepper. First is its freshness followed by its fine grind which influences its solvability into the ground meat. That’s why it is easier to buy ground pepper than have to ground it yourself. In the event that you grind it at home make sure it can achieve a fine grind.


During the sausage making, you will need sugar. Baking sugar is the best, and you don’t need to buy fancy or pricey alternatives. The other major spices are Chile pepper which features most prominently in chorizo and andouille sausages. The best Chile pepper is the cayenne. Thirdly you can have the rubbed variety of sage as part of the recipe, especially in breakfast sausages. Lastly, you can have a mace which is the outer covering of nutmegs (and tastes like one too). Mace works best in bratwurst and Wiener recipes.

Garlic and Onion

Fresh bulbs make for such great spices in a typical food preparation. However when it comes to sausage preparations granular powder variety is far much more preferable. That’s because it’s easier to make measurements when using ground powder. It’s also simpler to maintain consistency when making several batches of sausages. The taste and flavour of garlic and onion tend to disappear quickly when the sausage is frozen. That’s why you shouldn’t use them when you plan on keeping the sausages frozen for more than two months.


Most sausage recipes and sausage appliance outlets also stock ginger. The dried and ground ginger roots are very critical spices in the making of bratwurst and salami sausages. The best ginger types come from the Far East and China. Besides adding taste and flavour ginger also offers gingerol, Vitamins A, C, D B-6 and B-12. It also provides Calcium, iron, and magnesium. It adds about 80 calories per 100 grams of powdered ginger. Most importantly experiment with the amount of ginger that works best for your grounded meat and document that for future use.


Coriander features in just about any sausage recipe worldwide. The flavour is far much stronger in the leaves. Even then it is the seeds of the cilantro plant that are most used. One of the best sources of the licorice-like flavour is the fennel. Fennel seeds are mostly used in Italian sausages and accounts for their unique taste. The best source of the distinct flavour is the cracked fennel seeds. Cumin is mostly used in Asian and Mexican sausages. The Cumin is a seed for a parsley-like plant, and the flavour is standard in curry powder and chilli.