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2011 iFactor Finalist - Adrien Breda
Willowdale, Ontario

Perforrmer - Adrien Breda

Adrien Breda is a live entertainer and recording artist with a voice described as angelic and soothing. In 2002, the Toronto singer/songwriter had the opportunity to perform in honour of Pope John Paul II during World Youth Day.

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2011 iFactor Finalist - Tommy John Ehman
Craik, Saskatchewan

Performer - Tommy John Ehman

Tommy John Ehman grew up with his brother and two sisters. He went on the road with a country rock band in the 1980s, and has had the opportunity to open for country music artists Doc Walker and Aaron Pritchett.

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2010 iFactor Winner - Lucas Haneman
Kanata, Ontario

Performer - Lucas Haneman

Lucas Haneman is an expressive and soulful guitarist with a sound that reaches beyond genres. He is a deeply passionate performer and improviser who always places the listener's enjoyment as his top priority.

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2010 iFactor Finalist - Gail Riddall
Penticton, British Columbia

Performer - Gail Riddall

When Gail retired from her day job, she went to work on a bucket list that included a lifelong dream of recording two CDs. At 60 years old, she's achieved that goal, along with performing live sold-out shows… and she's just getting started!

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2009 iFactor Winner - Becka deHaan
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Performer - Becka deHaan

Becka deHaan has a number of musical talents. Her vocal and piano gifts boast a diverse range of musical genres from folk to rock to blues to country gospel. Her performances always leave a strong impression with the audience. In 2008, she performed at the Senate for National Child's Day.

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